Room Reservations

Room Reservation Policy 

Portsmouth Public Library provides at no charge to not-for-profit organizations of a cultural, civic, or educational nature the access to meeting spaces within each Library location. Permitted usage is limited to events in the judgment of Library staff that will not disturb or otherwise interfere with regular Library activities.


The following rooms are available during posted hours of operation at the following Library locations:

Main Library

  • Meeting Room (30 people)
  • Conference Room (12 people)

Churchland Branch

  • Conference Room (12 people)
  • Coleman Meeting Room (100 people)
  • Three Study Rooms (2-4 people; not available for reservation)

Cradock Branch

  • Meeting Room (10 people)

Manor Branch

  • Meeting Room (12 people)


Applications must be submitted no less than two weeks prior to requested date AND event start time.

(Ex. if you would like to book an event for 10 AM Friday and you try to book at 11 AM Friday two weeks prior, it will not allow you to book the reservation as there is less than two weeks time.) 

Library sponsored programs and activities receive first priority. 

Rooms may be reserved no more than three months in advance, and are available on a first-come/first-served basis. 

Reservations made via the Library web site will receive first priority. 

Applications must be filled out and signed in person by the representative of the organization who have actual authority to bind the organization and must have a valid Portsmouth Public Library card in good standing.

Completion of an application does not guarantee the use of meeting space.

Confirmation of room use, based upon availability and application review, will be conferred within seven business days.

Representatives’ contact information will be given to persons inquiring about meeting information.

Simultaneous room usage by the same organization and/or representatives is not permitted.

The same group and /or individual may not use the room more than twice per month, unless otherwise permitted by Portsmouth Public Library.

All programs/meetings must be free and open to the public, and must not disrupt the use of the Library for others.

Representatives must confer with Library staff before accepting rooms for use, see that the room is vacated 15 minutes prior to library closing and contact Library staff once the room is vacated.

Applicants should notify the Library of meeting cancellation.

An organization‘s future reservations will be removed, and possible revocation of the organization’s room use privileges if three meetings are cancelled without notice to the Library.

Groups reserving the Main Library Meeting Room may be moved to the Board Room (if available) when participation is below the expected attendance.

Room occupancy shall be limited to the room’s capacity as determined by the Fire Marshal.

In the event of an emergency closing every effort will be made by the library staff to notify the representative listed on the application.

In cases of inclement weather, the representative is responsible for calling the Library for obtaining a closing schedule, or checking the Library’s website. 


Receptions, rallies, parties, campaigning, petitioning, pamphleteering or partisan political activity of any kind, and worship services are specifically prohibited.

Rooms are not available for commercial promotion of an individual business or merchant soliciting.

Room usage must comply with the library system rules of conduct and to all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Failure to abide by the library system’s rules and regulations or abuse of the facility will result in the revocation of the organization’s room use privileges.

Library insurance does not cover private property that is used, demonstrated or exhibited on the library premises.

Neither the library nor the city assume responsibility for materials, equipment or other articles left by an organization, group, or individual in the library and will not be liable for the loss, theft or damage thereto.

A fee will be charged to users for repair of damage to facilities or for special cleaning as determined by the Library Director/Manager/Designee.

The city of Portsmouth will be the sole determiner of who performs the repairs on city property.

For safety and security reasons, children must be supervised and are not permitted in the Children’s Department (Main Library only) after it has closed.

The Library’s name, address, nor telephone number may not be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.

Groups composed primarily of those 17 years or younger must have a responsible adult present.

Room Reservation Policy (PDF)

Conference reserve

Reserve the Coleman Room at Churchland

Reserve the Conference Room at Churchland

Reserve the Meeting Room at Main

To reserve space at Cradock Branch, call (757) 393-8759

To reserve space at Manor Branch, call (757) 465-2916