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Early World of Learning, World Book Online’s early childhood digital resource, is a child’s first encyclopedia, eBook, and introduction to core early concepts.  With read-aloud across all functions, the 60 stories in “World of Reading” and “Trek’s Travels” tie learning together through videos, games, and printable activities.  Twelve stories are available in both Spanish and English, and the worksheets also offer written instructions in Spanish.  Classic songs, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales complete the program, and are often included in the lesson plan for each story.


Credo Reference has host of resources, such as educational content for K to 12 students and adults, informational videos and tutorials, and interactive discovery tools as well as Homework Help. Visit the Credo Reference Website

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Patrons of the Portsmouth Public Library now have access to a large collection of educational e-books designed for students and educators for grade kindergarten through high school.  The e-book database is courtesy of the Library of Virginia.  Access is provided to three collections of e-books.  The K-8 Collection consists of 13,000 e-books, the ebook High School Collection contains 10,000 e-books.  The ebook History Collection consists of 17,000 world history e-books.  The e-books are downloadable to both desktop computers and mobile devices. In order to use the e-books on a desktop a download of the Adobe Reader is necessary.  Mobile devices will need to have an e-book reader such as Blue fire downloaded to the device.  Search directly from the search box to the left.